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Resort Properties
of Angel Fire

52 N. Angel Fire Rd., Suite 7
P.O. Box 829
Angel Fire, NM 87710

Before you visit

Please review our Policies and Procedures page before departing home, also print a map of the directions to Resort Properties check-in office. It is required that you check-in prior to entering the property. If you intend on arriving after hours please notify the Reservations office in advance so that they can leave your check-in package waiting for you. You must check-in at the office the following day! 

It is very important that you prepare for your visit to Angel Fire in advance. The weather changes dramatically and whether it be Winter or Summer visitors can find themselves unprepared!

In the winter always keep in mind you are traveling to a ski resort. Resort Properties cannot accept responsibility for a client not able to get to their property due to the lack of four wheel drive. All of our properties are maintained by snowplows and accessible upon arrival. Be prepared!

Your are traveling to above 8000 ft in elevation. It is very important that you are well hydrated and have any necessary medications. Many visitors will experience headaches, light headed-ness and nausea when they arrive. Plenty of water and limited alcahol intake will help relieve these symptoms. Be prepared!

Last but not least dress properly, even though the summer days can reach 75-80 the nights can be very cold even below freezing. Proper clothing and coats insure that you can enjoy your time spent in Angel Fire. Be prepared!

 Please do not hesitate to contact our reservations office during business hours to obtain information regarding road and weather conditions at (575)377-6441.

Safe travels from the Staff at Resort Properties of Angel Fire!